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<Ran Tours > was established in 1999 after studying this hospitality trade to cater our inbound clients. We maintained and minimize our overhead expenses to offer competitive rates to you and will give better services for your satisfaction and worth of your expenses. We have had proved that we can step up in to this field introducing reasonable, flexible rates with all value for money.

Further I have had an experience in International Marine trade about 15 years in many parts of the world appraised the requirements of this hospitality trade.

We are bound to provide our services with English speaking guide at no cost and Japanese/German/French/Italian and Russian guide at very little cost. We have our reputation for quality and rush free tours with very smooth services in the selected star class hotels, guest houses and boutique hotels/resorts. We maintained excellent relationship and contracts with best hotel groups in Sri Lanka and bound to offer very competitive and flexible rates for you.

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Palitha Wickremasinghe.

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