Cultural Triangle


A city of culture religious and unmatched architecture will give clear picture about Sri Lanka and its prosperous past. The city developed 500 BC under king Pandukabhaya and 161 BC King Dutugamunu unified the country ruled from Anuradahapura as Islands capital. According to the great chronicle Mahawansa the city and its rulers the home to Buddhist culture been ruled about 113 kings until when it was abandoned and transferred to Polonnauwa due to South Indian Cholas invasion that destroyed the great capital. The city is religious complex with stupas database, temples, monasteries scattered around the city. Not only has the religious sited the mammoth irrigation work, reservoirs to give its agricultural past.

Attractions: The sacred Boo tree (The oldest documented tree in the world), Brazen Palace, Samadhi Buddha, Twin Pond, Rock temple at Mihintale the gateway of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. 12 km from Anuradhapura . Dist from Colombo 206 km, from Kandy 138 km.



This medieval capital 101 km south east of Anuradahapura initially a military base for south Indian invaders for about 75 years after the fall of Anuradhapura . King Vijayabahu (1073~1161) defeated Chola and ruled from Polomnaruwa and develop irrigation work and Buddhism as well. Great Monarch Parakramabahu build the Parakrama samudra covers 2430 hectares with monumental fear of irrigation engineering. In 1236 AD city was destructed due to Kalingas a South Indian invasion. Still can observe the monuments stupas, monasteries the architecture and culture blended with South Indian influence.

Attractions: Ruins of he kings council's chamber, the royal citadel, Kumara pokuna (Prince Pond), RoyalPavillian, Vatada Ge relic house, Moonstone, Guard stones and many more ruins. Dist from Kandy 140 km.from Colombo 216, from Anuradapura 101 km.



The heritage site declared by UNESCO, an 800 meters boulder home to king Kashyapa during 477~495 AD. The famous frescoes the art of Sigiriya paintings of feminine beauty. A Sri Lankas oldest graffiti was written 7 th and 8 th century on the mirror wall and those poems are written in Sanskrit and Brahman script with old Sinhala and Tamil script. The old palace on top of the rock and unbelievable irrigation system the water garden to its former glory. The fortress citadelsorrounded by moat rampart a well arranged engineering of the ancient Sri Lanka .

Attractions : Sigiriya paintings frescos . Water Gardens , Audience Hall Rock, Cistern Rock, Cobra Hood cave, The Preaching rock, Lions flat form, Mirror wall



The city of famous rock cave temple home to Buddha images and ceilings are painted with intricate patterns of religious images of murals some of the frescos said to be oldest painting in Sri Lanka There is colossal figure of the recumbent Buddha carved out of the rock is 14 meters long.

Dist from Sigiriya 24 km


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