East Coast & North


A largest natural harbor a best sheltered in the world. During the WWII the harbor was a naval base for British and allied forces. The Eastern Province capital home to many ethnic groups namely Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burgers and few Chinese descendants as well. All religious groups Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims and Christians live with harmony but tension among LTTE separatist and Sinhalese majority faced ethnic unrest and went in to war since two decades.

Major attraction a Swami rock a home to Hindu shrines a famous Thirukoneshwaram and Fort Fredrick build by Portuguese a garrison for Dutch and British troops. The longest river Mahaweli (33 km) begins at Adams Peak and reaches sea at 12 km south of the Trincomalee known as Koddiar Bay .

Nilaweli beach resort area just 16 km from Trincomalee. White sand beaches and best hotel give splendid service. After tsunami disaster most of the hotels been washed away and now all are refurbished.

Distance: from Colombo 257 km, from Kandy 182 km




East coast beachfronts water sports spot for holidaymakers to relax for days and months. Past two decades the area was sealed off due to LTTE presence. Now the area has been open to hospitality trade thanks truce between separatist and government troops. Sandy beaches and smooth sea ideal for long vacation. In last December tsunami destroyed thousands of human lives and their belongings, now slowly recuperating.

Distance: from Colombo 322 km, Nuwaraeliya 187 km.




Northern Province and peninsula a home to majority Tamils and Hindu community for centuries. Nearly three decades of war between Ealam separatist and government troops price to thousands of human lives and many homeless. Now the war is over. From 2009 LTTE Seperatist moment null and Void and the North and East admistered by Sri Lankan govenment maintaining law and order with peace and harmony & yet to do economic & social development and reconciliation.

Distance from Colombo 396 km, Anuradahapura 195 km, from Kandy 320 km. A one hr journey by air to Jaffna operates everyday from Colombo .


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