West Coast

COLOMBO : The commercial capital of Sri Lanka . Population about 700,000. In 14 th century the Chinese trader Fa- Hi-En visited this tiny sea port and he watched many Arab traders dealing precious stones, Ivory, Silver craft and spices,arico nut for Silk route trading. He called Kao-lan-pu and latter its derived to co-lan-bu. Colombo is a commercial hub and main sea port and bastion in Sri Lanka for nearly 6 centuries with influence of Arabs traders and under Portuguese (1505~1656), Dutch (1656~1796) and British (1796~1948). Nearly 500 years of colonial rule the outlook of Gregorian architecture still can see the buildings like Wolvendhal church, The President house, Temple Trees (Priministers Official resident) Old General post Office, Grand Oriental Hotel, Museum and many more Buildings in Colombo.

Distance: To Kandy 116 km, Galle 116 and Ratnapura 101 km


NEGOMBO: A provincial fishing town and tourist beach resort area famous for gourmet paradise with seafood specially prawns; shrimp, crabs and lobster are delicacy and mouth watering. The grooves of coconut Palm and most of the industries are related this cash crop. The sweet sap toddy extract from the coconut flower make strong local alcoholic beverage called arrack a native whisky since 5 centuries. Coconut is a treasured tree fir Sri Lankans, nuts for food and leaves and timber for shelter, everything is used for mans need. Negombo is fort city for Portuguese during their stay and Dutch also govern the area with commercial interest. Still the colonial architecture will give the past memory. The city with more Roman Catholics devotees and can see many churches. Annual colorful feast in St. Anthony's, St.Sebastian and St.Anns churches dedicated to the respective saints.

Distance: To Colombo 35km, Katunayake International Airport 8 km.


BERUWALA: A South Western beach resort area 55 km south of Colombo . Palm fringe sandy beaches and fresh sea food is available right from the sea. Coconut plantation and related industries are plenty. A Cinnamon cultivation is second to Coconut and rice cultivation. Sea bathing is year round but avoid during monsoon rainy season. Large population of Moors in this area and oldest Moorish trading port during Kotte kingdom and from Portuguese, even before trade between Persian Gulf and Red sea port for mainly Cinnamon and other spices, also for Ivory.

Distance: To Colombo , 55 km, Galle 61 km, Ratnapura 108 km.


BENTOTA: 64 km South of Colombo a South Western beach resort town famous for sandy beaches to relax and for sea bath. A rendezvous of Benthota River and sea ideal for water sports. The sea is mostly calm but avoids bathing during monsoon season. Benthota is British resting place en-route by horse carriages to Galle and Matara southern ruling seats during Dutch and British era. Coconut plantation and related industries are plenty also Cinnamon cultivation.

Distance: To Colombo 64 km, Galle 52 km.


Hikkaduwa: Famous for its undersea Coral gardens a southern beach resort 99 km from Colombo . Water sports and underwater delights and scuba diving sport to watch a famed coral gardens many verities of tropical fish and can observe and the few turtle hatcheries preserve endangered species. Coconut plantation andCinamoncultivation are major industries.

Distance: To Colombo 99 km, Galle 17 km


GALLE : Capital of Southern Province as its natural harbor and famous Galle Dutch Fort still in proud of their past. Galle is earlier a Moorish trading port trading between Persian Gulf and Red sea ports even before the Portuguese. Portuguese landed in 1505 and they named the place Punto de Gale. Nearly five centuries it was under Portuguese, Dutch and British rulers. Dutch build present fort as fortified garrison with many buildings in Dutch colonial architecture. British missionaries build very good school in Galle .

Distance: To Colombo 116 km.


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